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Contaminated Soil

At white skip hire we have disposal outletts for contaminated soils and soils mixed with other products.

Contaminated soils can be delt with in a number of ways after it is determined the best action to taske after analasis of the soil.

Hazardous soils can be transported to landfills
Soils containing liquids can be sent for reprocessing. 
Japanese know weed can be sent for deep land fill.

At our site in hull we can accept soils that have contained foreign bodys such as
Paper,Glass,Wood,  and other contaminants making the soil unsuatable for re use in its current state.

We have the option for sending the soil through our picking station to remove any elements other than soil
then the residual material can be  used for cover marerial or for washing to create new products. 

So what ever you are looking for for your disposal of contaminated soils

Please give us a call and we will be more than happy help you