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3.5 ton mini skip lorry builders and repairs

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At white skip hire we run 3.5 ton skip loaders and also larger vehicles  and realised that most skip body would struggle with carrying different skips and be versatile for applications within the skip industry so we developed a range of vehicles made for our selves with 40 years experience doing skips we come up with some body and designs perfect for the skip and waste industry.

Different company have different ideas for there mini skip trucks so we can offer a design to suite any vehicle and any idea from our customers,

We supply and manufacture a various mix of 3.5-ton (3500kg) skip gear ideal for transits skip lorry or similar vehicles
 such as other fords, Mercedes, LDVS or any other flat back vehicle we can make a body to suit.

Our 3.5-ton skip body will fit on any flat back or trailer if your vehicle already has a tipper or drop side we can
remove the body and make it to a mini skip truck however we prefer to have chassis cab to work on but we can remove bodies.

Our bodies as standard are functional and last a very long time there are extras available such as 
 ram guards, steps, lights, telescopic arms 
pto kits.

We also have a large range of second hand 3.5-ton 3500kg skip body our second-hand skip lifting vans and skips  start from as low as 1500 these cheap second-hand mini skip body are perfect for anyone wanting to stick to a tighter budget and get in to the skip market.

new equipment kits, heavy duty springs and much more 
complete skip body start from 3000 through 8000

 We use mini skip vehicles of our own so know the product inside out and these are made to make money.

The advantages vs a large lorry 

There is far less running costs and more flexability even large companys use our vehicles just for skip deliveries freeing
up bigger lorrys for collects in hectic spells.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

New and used skip body 
New and used skip bodys from our work shop
Designs below avalibly 












Skip body repairs and overhauls 

mini skip lorry repairs

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New and used Budget range trucks start from 2000+ vat
Second hand skip vans always available in various conditions and ages please call for info 
Used body's available and in stock as stock changes please always contact us for the stock list.

Second hand vehicles & part exchance vehicles 


Budget lightweight body

Paint shop painted in your colour stickers also available 

Premium Body on a 3500 kg  ton mini transit van 



Mini skip lorrys for sale


Parts and extras available 
Heavy-duty springs give a more stable ride when loaded 

Electric lifting pumps 5 litres per minute @200 bar 
5-20  gallon per minute pumps available 

Electromagnetic PTO kits available for a range of vehicles 
we also stock transit pros for the new shape transit 2.0 engine and 2.0 transit pto kits 


Variable chains in stock and available 


Engines avalible in petrol or diesel from 5hp- 22hp petrol or diesel 
pull start or electric