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Utility Pole Recycling Telegraph pole recycling

Utility Pole Recycling & Telegraph Pole Recycling

Hazardous waste wood and non hazardous waste wood recycling utility pole recycling.

It is the responsability of waste utility pole and telephone and utility companys + holders to make sure your disposal site is not oly licenced to carry but also licenced to dispose of the unusable wood. 

All poles come with 100% recycling certificate nothing will ever be sent to land fill

Telegraph pole recycling companys Hull - East Riding - york - leeds 

We are the uks no 1 utility pole recyclere we not only charge for telegraph poles we are a buyer of usable poles in quantity.

Where ever possible all poles will be upcycled and re used and shredding will always be the last option.

Some of our client would rather all poles be disposed of perticularly in the instance of road colissions etc if this is the case we can offer secure distruction notices ensuring your poles will not be used again and weill be sent for insinaratino at compliant plants. 

At white skip hire we alsways try to re use all items in a responsable mannor when it comes to utility items shere is no difference
 any utility poles that are reusable we will try to repurpose wjere not avalible for poles that are damaged or broken these can be sent for secure distruction.

Unlike other telegraph pole recycling companys we are fully licenced to transport deal treat and recycle all types of waste wood.


 We dispose of the poles by using a Waste Incineration Directive compliant combined heat and power plants